How Big TATA is??

Intro To TATA

Well everybody knows the TATA brand! The top ones are TATA Motors, TATA Steel. But today I will tell you more about the TATA. Let’s first start with the history of TATA. TATA was founded in 1868 by “Jamsetji Tata”. With the fact that TATA is the oldest industrial group which was founded 153 yr. Ago in 1868.
About JamsetJi Tata:- Jamsetji Tata worked in his father’s company from the age of 29. In 1870 he started a trading company with a total investment of Rs.21000/- capital. Later on he bought an oil company which was declared bankrupt and converted that oil company to a cotton mill, Which he then sold for a profit after running for 2 yr. Then he set up another cotton mill in Nagpur named Express Mill. JamsetJi Tata has 4 Dreams for his lifetime:- Setting up a Steel & Iron Company, A Unique Hotel, A World-Class Learning Institution & A HydroElectric Plant.

Chairmen of TATA

After the death of JamsetJi, His older son “Dorabji Tata became the chairman in 1904 (1904-1938). In 1907 He established the Tata Iron And Steel Company (TISCO) now known as TATA Steel. DorabJi was making the mark of his Father’s goal forward. TATA’s first overseas office was in London. Later in moving time one more goal was accomplished by DorabJi, by giving the Hydro-Plant  which is called TATA Power. But yet another dream was yet to be accomplished- India Institute of Science was established with the first batch in 1911.

(1936 – 1991)

JRD Tata was made the chairman of TATA Group in 1938. Under his leadership, the asset of the TATA Group grew from $101 Million to Over $5 Billion(US). 

In 1952 JRD Founded Air Line “ Tata Air Service” later renamed to TATA Airlines.

In 1945 TATA Motors was founded. Focused on Locomotives. In 1954 entered into commercial vehicles. After a joint venture of Daimler-Benz. TATA Consultancy was founded in 1968.


Ratan TATA became the chairman of TATA Group. This was also the economic liberalization in India.during this time TATA Group began to acquire a number of companies like Tetley(2000), Corus Group(2007), & Jaguar & Land Rover(2008) there is a very famous and motivational story behind Jaguar & Landrover. In 2017 Natarajan Chandrashekran was appointed as chairman.

Chairman of Tata Sons: As of 2020, there have been eight chairmen of Tata Group. 

  • Jamsetji Tata (1868–1904)
  • Sir Dorab Tata (1904–1932)
  • Nowroji Saklatwala (1932–1938)
  • JRD Tata (1938–1991)
  • Ratan Tata (1991–2012)
  • Cyrus Mistry (2012–2016)
  • Ratan Tata(2016–2017)
  • Natarajan Chandrasekaran (2017-present)

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