Social signals are the traffic that interacts with your website social page like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and there a lot of social media platforms when you share a page containing your post related to your niche and also contains your website link in it. When people start interacting with your post “like share & comment” then this cached by search engine telling the bots that this post is engaging the bot starts to crawl the post then to the website. When search engines bot reach out to your webpage and analyze the content & page and if it is relevant then it keeps in the index with some ranking data for the page. This complete procedure is called a social signal in terms of SEO.

Does social signals improves website DA

Your Guide to Social Signals for SEO - Moz

Social signals help in google ranking as explained in the above para. Although social sites aim to provide high-quality backlinks, conditions apply- what conditions???

Your post should have good content and your webpage which is linking to your post should contain quality content worth of sharing & like. Because if your web page contains a quality information or content (any type) with the engaging post of your social media, then people start engaging with your post which then sends a signal to search engines to crawl that post. Google has partnered with twitter to show its tweets into the search engine result page.

Content should be relevant to both webpage and twitter tweets. There are various parameters like no. of tweets, popularity in followers, how many people are retweeting. The same applies to Facebook and other social platforms. No. of shares, no. of comments & like on social media.

So to summaries this in simple language, people get to engage with your post this gives a signal to search engine bots to crawl the post then the web page then bots do there work of analyzing the page giving the ranking number if found relevant they can rank your page up or down all depends upon your web page content and structure this surely going to affect your site overall performance including website Rank, Website DA, URLs Reputation, traffic.

Umm… So at last I can say that Yes, social signals can improve your website DA or Decrease your website DA.

So how to increase your social signals in your favor.?

As I told you that social signals affect your website in a good or bad way. The choice is yours, how you promote your brand or business on social media. People nowadays wait at the brand posting the time they have fixed for it. And its true if you are producing good & quality content (content that adds value in people’s life in any way) those people wait for that time to see the content of their favorite brand.

Some tried and true strategies for turning up the volume on your social signals are:

  1. Post daily on your schedule time: whether your content is ready for that or not. “If your content is not ready still post -sorry the content is delayed because… something like this. Inform your fans about the content if it is delayed or postponed. It’s important because your fan is waiting at that time so don’t waste their time, this shows you also care for them/fan
  2. Use high quality & original Image: why?? People’s attention time has reduced & they don’t want their brand to steal someone else’s image. Original & high-quality image attract people to download or save this increase social signal very imp factor for Instagram
  3. Listen to your fans: This is the other factor to increase your social signals. If you listen to your fans what they are saying this makes your fans happy that you are listening to them and mention them if required in your reply or another comment
  4. Monitor: Yes you have to monitor your social platform to keep the track of the visitors & other engagements
  5. Do Contest on your page: contests and giveaways are a great way to increase interest in your brand.
  6. Partnerships: Create original content with other popular brands in collaborations and share with both the fans.

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